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Starting points

CALI lessons on International Law

CALI lessons help law students learn legal concepts. The lessons are written by law faculty and librarians and are regularly reviewed and revised. Please ask at the reference desk for Chicago-Kent's school access code. Site also requires individual registration.


The information in this guide covers how to find primary and secondary resources for researching international law. It provides links to free online resources, electronic resources accessible to Downtown Campus students, and books available at the IIT Chicago-Kent Law Library.

If you need additional assistance with research projects, please contact the Reference Desk at 312-906-5670, via email at, or via the chat icon on the IIT Chicago-Kent Law Library website.  


Am I in the right place?

Yes, there's a difference between international law and foreign & comparative law. International law is the body of law that governs relations between and among sovereign nations. A treaty is the classic example of international law.

Foreign law is the law of another sovereign nation, and comparative law studies the similarities and differences between different jurisdictions. If that sounds more like what you're looking for, see our guide for finding foreign & comparative law. The library also has a separate guide for finding the laws of specific foreign jurisdictions

Online Research Guides

These research guides to international law provide helpful overviews of international law actors and bodies, and can direct you to additional sources to further your research.

Finding articles on International law

Our Guide to Finding Articles in Academic Journals walks you through the process of finding articles, whether you already have a citation in hand or are just getting started in your search for articles.

Clare Gaynor Willis

Clare Willis